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Live commentary from @unicef_uk #SoccerAid

Kick off!

MIN 2 - An incredible ball from Kevin Phillips to Aston. Shot saved.

MIN 4 - Great shot into the box from Ferrell but deflected for a corner.

MIN 7 - Another fabulous run from Murs! This is already real end to end stuff!

MIN 10 - Direct shot from Murs. Deflected.

MIN 11 - Perfect opportunity for Wilkes from a Murs cross but he fell in the box!

MIN 14 - The atmosphere in Old Trafford is electric!

MIN 15 - High shot kicked out by John Bishop.

MIN 19 - Foul by Keane. Direct free kick.

MIN 20 - Knocked over the bar by Kevin Phillips.

MIN 21 - GOAL! Serge from Kasabian! 0-1 ROW

MIN 22 - Crespo on for Keane.

MIN 25 - Great attempt by Bishop. Out for a corner.

MIN 27 - Another direct shot from Murs.

MIN 28 - Shot from Phillips. Out for a goal kick.

MIN 31 - Murs injured. Signing autographs for the medics while they treat him!

MIN 32 - Marvin JLS on for Murs.

MIN 34 - Foul on Ramsey by Shepherd. Ramsey looks bad.

MIN 35 - He’s back up. Direct free kick. Deflected away.

MIN 37 - Header towards goal by Kevin Phillips. Saved by Van Der Sar.

MIN 41 - England corner. Headed by Bishop. Knocked away.

MIN 44 - Aston JLS went for an ambitious shot. Too ambitious… Goal kick.

MIN 45 - HALF TIME and the score is still:

** England 0 - 1 Rest of The World **


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MIN 45 - We’re back. Theakston and Kielty both in goal. If you aren’t watching yet and can get to a TV - do it!

MIN 46 - Good attempt by Bishop but kicked over.

MIN 48 - Brave save from Kielty following a Sheringham cross.

MIN 50 - …and another! Well done Patrick!

MIN 51 - Calzaghe on for Myers.

MIN 53 - Daring shot by Aston JLS. Over the bar though.

MIN 54 - YELLOW CARD Paddy McGuinness after an altercation with Gordon Ramsey and kicking the ball away.

MIN 55 - Another good attempt by Serge Kasabian but deflected by McGuinness for a corner.

MIN 60 - Ramsey is down after a collision with Sheringham and again it doesn’t look good.


MIN 62 - Williams on for McGuinness.

MIN 63 - Ramsey is still down. Lots of medics on the pitch. Sheringham looking guilty!

MIN 65 - James McAvoy on for Gordon Ramsey.

MIN 66 - Great standing ovation for Gordon Ramsey. Thanks Gordon and best wishes from UNICEF!

MIN 68 - GOAL! Graeme Le Saux! England 1-1

MIN 71 - GOAL! Jonnie Wilkes! England 2-1

MIN 73 - Will Ferrell injured. Replaced by Edward Norton.

MIN 75 - Mark Owen on for Aston JLS.

MIN 78 - Amazing attempt be Seedorf. Just out.

MIN 79 - Great chance hoofed over the goal by Marvin JLS.

MIN 81 - Header by James McAvoy. Saved by Theakston.

MIN 82 - Woody Harrelson on for Gerard Butler.

MIN 85 - Two great shots from Sheringham and Marvin JLS both expertly stopped by Kielty.

MIN 86 - Serge Kasabian voted MOM.

MIN 87 - Great run from Wilkes resulting in a direct shot. Stopped by Kielty.


MIN 90 - Ljungberg shot, knocked out for a corner.

MIN 90 - ROW are throwing everything at England.

MIN 90 - Incredible scenes as Theakston leaves his box!

MIN 90 - FULL TIME. Final score:

** England 3 - 1 Rest Of The World **


What a game! Thank you all for staying with us and please remember to donate online at

To donate £5 to #SoccerAid text DONATE to 70442. Texts cost £5 + 1 standard rate message. 16+ only and please ask the bill payer’s permission.

…and don’t forget to keep watching ITV4 for the after game show.